On my credit card statement

My credit card was declined twice this past week. Today I called the bank to sort it out, and while I was on the phone with them I pulled up my account online.

There were two charges made on the account the day Mike died (he had a card in his name on my account). One was at a gun club, and I assume he went to buy ammunition. It hurt a little to see it there, but it made sense. The other charge was from a place where he bought art and mold-making materials.

If he was planning to kill himself that day, why the hell would he go out and buy art materials???

My father-in-law called the store. Mike was a regular customer for over ten years, so they know him. The guy said Mike came in sometime in the morning and seemed his usual talkative, inquisitive self — looking at new products, asking questions, etc.

A matter of hours later, he was dead. By his own hand.

I just don’t understand…


~ by hourbeforedawn on March 16, 2010.

One Response to “On my credit card statement”

  1. hi lira, if i have any clients in the future dealing with grief I will ask them to read your beautiful touching words. Have you read The Shack. Its beautiful, I think you would enjoy it. Love, Carol

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