Circle slash love songs

Love songs piss me off.

It’s not just that I’m bitter and I don’t want to hear about anyone’s happily ever after, though that’s part of it. Mostly what pisses me off is that the most romantic thing you can say in a love song is “I couldn’t live without you.” Every time I hear one of those lines — “I just can’t go on,” “I can’t live if living is without you” — I want to punch the singer in the nuts.

Seriously. If I can go on living after the love of my life killed himself… dude, you can fucking suck it up and deal with being dumped, and I don’t want to hear any more whining about it.


~ by hourbeforedawn on June 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Circle slash love songs”

  1. Absofreakinglutely. Totally agree.

    Love you

  2. There are songs that your experience has colored for me in this light, too. There is a particular song that has always, always, from Day One, reminded me of you and Mike, and now when I hear it, it just makes me angry.

  3. For me, it was all the break-up songs that hurt the most. Every single one of them sounded like death to me, and was salt in my wounds. I still hear them differently, almost 4 years later, though it doesn’t hurt quite as much. I guess I’ve settled into having wistful, melancholy moments when those songs touch me.

  4. LOL

    Remind me not to sing any tunes in your presence. Ouch!

    I also can’t take any whining about relationships,whether they be in a song, or being shared by someone in my presence. I tend to quickly change the subject. I will usually tell the person, “yeah, Michael used to piss me off about things as well, but I would love to have the oppotunity to have him here to fight with.” That usually does the trick.

    See, I kind of go for the jugular instead of the nuts. I suppose I’m a bit sensitive in that area.

  5. ha ha ha “I want to punch the singer in the nuts”. šŸ™‚

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